Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Royal Belum: The Sungai Tiang Trail

Beside the Sg. Selantan Trail, Kejar Trail, Sg. Perak trail in Kuala Kejar (Kuala Kejar Camp), this 2.5 hrs Sungai Tiang Trail trail offers you a good trekking trail starts from the Orang Asli village (Kg. Sungai Tiang) or Sg. Kuak with 3 Rafflesia spots, the salt Lick (Sira Kuak ie. the name of the salt lick), a special stone (Batu Belalai called by the natives) and others. You can camp either at The Kuala Tiang Campsite (above) or along the cool & refreshing river. Other interesting spots near to Kuala Tiang Camp are the Kooi waterfalls, Ruok Waterfalls & Sg.Papan Trail (Papan Salt Lick) Meet Azmi at mee.ent554@gmail.com

AZMI........ever ready to guide you.....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Belum-Temenggor: Banding Jetty@Temenggor Lake Flooded